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Jan 24

A fox in a hen house?

Whenever I hear the next, unintentionally hilarious, instalment of the Lord Rennard saga I can’t help thinking of the chaos that ensues when a fox gets into a hen house. I guess it’s the inevitable free association triggered by the name… Rennard… Reynard… Reynard the fox… Fantastic Mr Fox played with suave, sophisticated perfection by George Clooney in …

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Nov 29

Happy endings – nice or necessary?

When I decided I was going to write novels, I had no idea what I was going to say but I was absolutely certain of two things; the first was that I was going to write about love, in all its forms but especially romantic; and the second was that I was going to write the kind of endings …

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Oct 30

Sally Bercow – the other way to deal with being a politician’s wife

in the aftermath of the Lord McAlpine libel court case poor Sally Bercow has spent the last few days trying desperately and unsuccessfully to put the media genie back in the bottle. Love her or loathe her (and mean-spirited people love to loathe don’t they?) you have to admire a woman who refuses to put on a mask.  Unlike my …

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Oct 29

Celebrating ‘scary’ women in the workplace

A few weeks ago Nick Clegg said something sensible. It was a bit of a shock to be honest – something about making men’s paternity leave rights the same as women’s, since you ask. Of course I realise now this must have come from the quietly impressive Miriam Clegg who surely saw it as a …

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Oct 28

Dialogue: Real or reactionary – that’s the question…

So, here’s the thing… how far do we allow ourselves to go down the road of naturalistic dialogue in our search for immediacy and realism? Do we venture into the grammatical bad lands of street talk with an entire first person 80,000 word book along the lines of “Me and me mates talk like that …

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