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  1. And another thing… — 11/06/2017
  2. My dark secret revealed at last — 31/05/2017
  3. The one where I tell people NOT to follow their dreams — 10/02/2017
  4. The one about how the blame game means never having to say you’re sorry… — 15/01/2017
  5. The one about Donald Trump and my daughter — 07/12/2016

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Jun 11

And another thing…

Can I just ask…? In a world where the big questions include; whether ISIS will ever come to its senses and stop killing people; will the Kyoto agreement do enough to stop our planet simply melting and would the US be better off leaving Trump’s wig to run the country rather than allowing his gob …

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May 31

My dark secret revealed at last

Yes, it’s true, despite my congenital inability to keep my gob shut I have been harbouring a BIG secret for several months now. OK, I might have told a couple of people… fine, maybe a few more than a couple, aaanyway my huge secret is: Ta da! I have signed a hugely exciting TWO BOOK …

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Feb 10

The one where I tell people NOT to follow their dreams

I can hear the screams of outrage but I just think we might have gone a teensy bit too far with the whole “You can do anything you put your mind to, follow your dreams, no limits, reach for the stars…” stuff. Please can we accept that we can’t all excel at everything – even …

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Jan 15

The one about how the blame game means never having to say you’re sorry…

We live in a litigious society and some NHS Trusts have recently been criticised for allowing compensation lawyers to sponsor patient information leaflets in return for advertising their services. The question is, does the defensive, opaque and antagonistic mindset that almost inevitably results from constant fear of litigation truly serve the human need to understand …

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Dec 07

The one about Donald Trump and my daughter

Donald Trump makes me think. No honestly, he does. Largely he makes me think about casual misogyny, the objectification of women and low grade, unedifying sexual assaults by strangers – less the dark alley stuff of the worst nightmares… more the low, furtive, really rather pathetic groping that I suspect is commonplace, which is absolutely …

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Mar 10

Never Marry a Politician now out in every format you could possibly think of

Ok maybe not absolutely every format, but – as of this week – you can read my debut novel ‘Never Marry A Politician’ in all digital platforms AND paperback.  This means that, at last, when my father asks; “yes but when can I just go into a book shop and buy a copy?” the answer …

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Nov 19

My Selfless Christmas Pledge

Now, I know Christmas is supposed to be all about enjoying ourselves, but not for me. Nope. Not this year.  Instead, I  undertake to commit myself to the following selfless challenge:  On EACH of the twelve days of Christmas I, Sarah Waights, pledge to read and review a whole Christmas Novella. Of course, in doing …

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Nov 08

Buy ‘Never Marry a Politician’!

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ‘Never Marry a Politician’ (formerly known as ‘Politically Incorrect’ is now available for download on Amazon:

Oct 20

So, anyway – as I was saying…

Oops, radio silence for a while on this blog.  Never good.  Sorry.  In my defence though it has been an incredibly exciting and busy few months and here are the edited highlights: October 2013 – submit application to favoured publisher, Choc Lit, asking them to consider my MS. November(ish) 2013 – Choc Lit asks for full MS …

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Apr 28

Good Housekeeping Novel Award

THE most exciting thing happened a couple of weeks ago… Months after a friend nagged me to bung an extract from one of my novels into the Good Housekeeping New Novelist Awards I got a lovely letter from the team at Orion Publishing, keen to let me know that Politically Incorrect had made the shortlist! Yep, …

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